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OnePlus Short Changes Customers On Updates

The OnePlus 2 was launched a little under two years ago, with first customers taking delivery in August 2015. It's a device which should be well inside any reasonable definition of a support window. Customers should be able to bank on Android Nougat for their phones.

Instead OnePlus is cutting them loose - no Android update will be forthcoming for a device which is still available from many retailers.

Aside from raising the argument around who you should buy your Android phone from, it also further questions the validity of an Android purchase full stop.

Google has continually failed to fix its problem with Android and how difficult it is to get updates.

This year we've had more hot air about different fixes that Google intends to put in place, but history tried us they'll be no more effective than anything which has gone before.

Apple's recent 'switch' campaign hasn't focused on updates - yet, but it's such an obvious Android shortcoming it is only a matter of time before it does.

iOS updates remain the strongest argument for choosing an iPhone - any iPhone - over a similarly proceed Android device.

That will remain the case until Google actually addresses the whole upgrade mess.