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OnePlus No Longer Offering Value As Differentiator

This is the new OnePlus 5, the latest from the Chinese manufacturer that places premium smartphones in the mid-market value battle. Or rather, it used to. The new OnePlus 5 is priced so close to Samsung's highest spec Galaxy that it no longer makes any kind of value proposition.

The 5 is a disappointing phone in many ways. Despite demanding a hefty price tag it doesn't have the wherewithal to compete with the S8, nor many of the other premium tier Android phones from LG, Sony or HTC. 

No, the OnePlus 5 has gone for a particular market sector and made its best play for those customers who shop within it. That section of the, predominantly, Chinese market which wants an iPhone but can't quite run to one and will settle for a lookalike.

As a result OnePlus has made great efforts to ensure that the 5 looks almost identical to an iPhone 7 at first, second and even third glance. I mean really, look at it, OnePlus has been quite brazen in the way it rips off the iPhone design.

It's a move that will bring it millions of customers in China and no respect anywhere else in the world.