No New Features For Windows 10 Mobile, But What Is Coming Instead?

Microsoft will no longer be adding new features to Windows 10 Mobile. It has reached its evolutionary dead on and whinst it will continue to get updates, they will contain patches and fixescontain patches and fixes but none of the features being added to Windows 10.

Night n Light being the first casualty. A read available on Windows 10, the mobile version has dropped off the radar.

This may not be the painful news it first appears to be. We have already seen Cshell running on Microsoft's Lumia following the recent leak of code, that in itself promises something new from Microsoft. Repeated leaks about the next Microsoft phone being nothing like any phone we have today suggest hope. 

I'd say there aren't many Microsoft phone loyalists out there. Perhaps the new device will be good enough to bring them back to the platform. 

For Microsoft and phones this does just seem to be another case of 'Jam tomorrow' from a company which fails to deliver. 

May he this time it will be different.