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Microsoft Releases Another XP Patch

One month after releasing an emergency patch for the Wannacry valnerability in XP, Microsoft is at it again, this time releasing a patch for an undisclosed cyberattack weakness which is being exploited by 'nation states' - whatever they may be in reality.

With XP having gone out of support more than two years ago this is overly generous of Microsoft, it really shouldn't have. No, I mean it, it really shouldn't have.

XP is out of extended support, Microsoft has given customers plenty of opportunity to move to something more modern, and most importantly, still supported. By providing these emergency fixes Microsoft is undermining its own efforts to get customers to upgrade.

It's called tough love. Either Microsoft is ending support for XP or it isn't. The customers unable to move legacy software to a Windows 7 desktop should be paying Microsoft's out of support fees. Those that are paying the (steep) fees are now effectively subsidising those who aren't - including some of their competition.

So 10/10 for supporting users of older systems. 0/10 for delivering on a strategy.

How much longer before an out of support status is followed by an expectation of emergency releases forever more?