Microsoft Made The Surface Laptop Impossible To Repair? Likely To Be Pretty Hot On Reliability Then

iFixit tore down the new Surface Laptop and were apparently appalled by what they saw. They called it unrepairable and suggested that they would have given it a negative score if they could. As it is they ranked it a repairability rating of 0/10.

Sounds pretty grim doesn't it? Probably not though.

The difference between the Surface Laptop and, say, Apple laptops that have been similarly panned, is that whilst the Surface is unrepairable by anyone as a result of design and manufacturing decisions, Apple restricts access to the tools and components required to repair a MacBook to authorised repairers only.

Microsoft is incentivising itself to build these Surface Laptops absolutely perfectly because consumer law being what it is many parts of the world, not only does it have to warrant these machines for two years, it also has to repair them out of warranty for the usable life of the machine. A manufacturing fault outside of the two year warranty would certainly be on Microsoft to fix in Europe for example.

Aside from replacing the battery - an important consideration in the usable life of a portable machine - you shouldn't be too worried about the iFixit score.


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