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Microsoft Discounts Xbox One Ahead Of Scorpio Announcement

E3 is likely to see the official announcement of the next Xbox - currently carrying the Project Scorpio moniker - with Microsoft's keynote likely to focus on the new hardware. The rumour mill is expecting an October 1st availability date for Microsoft's latest and greatest.

In the meantime Microsoft seems to have begun the process of moving its Xbox One inventory on by reducing the price of all existing bundles. Proportionally the 500GB versions of the console get the steeper discount, but if you're after a 1TB version those are reduced too.

In NZ that means the smaller versions now retail at $419 and the larger ones at $499. Both relatively decent offers given all bundles offer at least one premium game title download in the box.

With Scorpios unveiling less than 24 hours away it might be worth holding fire on that purchase, just in case the new machine turns out to be a game changer...