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iTunes App Store Verification Is Not What It Seems

This post on Medium by Johnny Lin details a major failing in the iTunes App Store, one that allows one developer to scam unsuspecting Apple customers to the tune of $80k a month.

After reading the story several questions spring to mind. Along the lines of 'how did a piece of crape like this get through the App Store verification process?'

Serious concerns over the message is giving to customers here. The way the App Store is presented as a curated and high quality marketplace is very much at odds with apps like this. iOS devices are used by the generally less tech savvy members of the community, those most likely to get conned by scams like these.

Apple takes a cut of App sales and subscriptions, it sells expensive hardware on the premise that customers will enjoy a better, more friendly user experience as recompense. If it isn't delivering on its end of the bargain that's not acceptable.

I've noticed that searching for apps in the App Store  has become a process fraught with frustration  with results full of apps that are obviously of low quality or are masquerading as other more popular apps.

The good news is that Apple will be rebuilding the App Store in iOS 11, hopefully resolving issues like this one and making for a better app experience all round.

Its all very well having the biggest app store, but if you can't find the apps you want, or worse, can't trust the apps you do; well that's no good to anyone.