iPad V Surface: Who Won The Update Battle

So we have now had both the new iPad Pro and Surface Pro unveiled to us, with each looking to claim top seat at the tablet hybrid table. So who produced the better hybrid?

The new iPad Pros gained faster processors, more storage and faster Pencil response.

However the big change will only come when iOS 11 arrives later in the year. Then the iPad becomes much more serious competition for a Windows PC like the Surface Pro. Its the start of a journet which I believe will result in the iPad becoming the touch screen, hybrid Mac replacement which Apple desperately needs.

Serious enough though? That remains to be seen. Windows 10 guarantees access to the whole catalogue of human creation as far as software is concerned. There's nothing you can't do on a Windows PC. Whether you can do it comfortably and quickly is dependent on which model you choose. 

It seems likely that even with the improved efficiency of Windows 10, the Surface Pro m3 will struggle for performance in some apps. Not an accusation which will be made against the iPad Pro. 

Jumping to an i5 Surface Pro would fix this, but at a cost. One which pushes price higher than the iPad Pro will demand.

There's no price equivalent to the new 10.5" iPad Pro in Microsoft's line-up either. Unless of course you're happy to grab the older Surface Pro 4 at its runout pricing.

It's the 10.5" iPad which looks most interesting. The trade off in portability against either the bigger iPad or the Surface Pro looks like one which is well worth making. There's no tradeoff in performance and you start with a reasonable 64GB of storage too.

For my money the iPad has just nosed ahead of the Surface Pro in some areas - especially if you can make do with apps available in the App Store. For most though, the iPad remains a companion device which will sit alongside an existing PC. 

That's where the Surface Pro continues to score as it really can be the only computer you ever need. 


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