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Huawei Aiming To Lead PC Market Within Five Years

HP, Lenovo, Dell and Apple have been put on notice. Huawei is coming for them. Having recently launched three new PC models the Chinese OEM has stated its ambitions in the PC marketplace and they aren't aiming low.

Huawei will be the biggest PC manufacturer within five years if things go as planned.

Now for some companies this could be dismissed as hubris. However, Huawei is halfway through a similar five year plan to own the smartphone market, a plan that it s executing perfectly. Whilst Apple and Samsung have been having their problems Huawei has quietly slipped into a strong third position and is still growing strong.

The PC market is a tough place to play though. Huawei is likely to struggle with the perception that its hardware is riddled with Chinese Government sponsored spyware, plus enterprise is going to be wary of the ability of a new player to deliver reliability and robustness for fleets numbering thousands or tens of thousands of units.

Still, for the consumer market Huawei is able to offer something new with an excellent value proposition (if the PC line matches the smartphone strategy anyway) that will tempt buyers in.

Five years is a long time in PC lifecycles but a small time to effect a seismic change in buying policies.

Still Huawei is confident about what it hopes to achieve and has a strategy to take it there. I'm just looking forward to getting my hands on one of the new Matebooks to see exactly how good a job Huawei can do on PC hardware.