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How Much Love Did Apple Give The Mac Today?

A new high-end iMac Pro, Kaby Lake processors for MacBook, MacBook Pro and the regular iMac and even some updates for the lowly MacBook Air. It sounds like Apple got serious about Mac again at WWDC.

The iMac Pro is a temporary stopgap replacement for the woeful Mac Pro, and packs some pretty tasty Xeon processors and an all new AMD graphics card. 

Aside from the iMac Pro though, the updates were a little... anaemic. Yes, it keeps the engine up to date, but it feels like Apple put in the minimum of effort with each update. Possibly forgivable on the almost new MacBook Pro but on the MacBook or iMac something bigger was probably required.

With the iPad getting some very significant updates on iOS 11, updates which bring desktop features like drag and drop and enhanced multitasking as well as adding new Pencil features; it looks more and more like Apple is building towards an iPad-based portable future.