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Harman Kardon's Cortana-powered Invoke Might Just Be The Home Speaker You're Looking For

Apple's HomePod has been getting plenty of column inches since its WWDC unveiling, however there are some specific limitations which may prevent you from choosing this device, even if you're comfortable with its pricing.

It's only useful if you're all in with Apple technology and use Apple Music as your music streaming service. Right now that limits its potential market to around 27 million customers worldwide. Then there are the questions around Siri's performance. Is it really capable of being the voice assistant you can rely on around the home?

There is an alternative  for those looking for audio quality who also want quality in their voice assistant, if you're prepared to wait until later this year that is.

Harman Kardon's Cortana powered speaker is now official, after an embarrassing early leak, and it promises to bring the full suite of speaker / voice assistant capability to a wider group of customers.

The Invoke will support multiple streaming services - including Spotify but not Apple Music - and doesn't require you to own a specific line of technology to use it. Which extends its potential market out to around 140 million customers. 

When this goes on sale its going to be one of the more interesting products on the market this year.