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F1: Fernando Alonso's McLaren Ultimatum Is A Message To Mercedes

The BBC is reporting that Fernando Alonso has given McLaren an ultimatum: win by September or I'm leaving. Following on the back of his Indy 500 adventure it's a clear sign that the double World Champion has had enough.

It's something of an empty threat though, because the likelihood of McLaren and Honda putting together a winning car by September are absolutely zero. Therefore, the only possibility of a win would be if both Mercedes, Ferraris, Red Bulls, Toro Rossos, Williams and Force Indias somehow contrive to fail to finish or get interminably delayed during the course of the race.

So why the statement?

My guess is the statement isn't aimed at McLaren, who must surely be resigned to losing Alonso at the end of the season. That's probably a positive thing for McLaren. Without Alonso's salary to cover they may find themselves in a position where they can afford to break out of their contract with Honda and switch to customer Renault or Mercedes engines.

No, Alonso's statement is directed at Toto Wolff and it amounts to one thing, a message to Mercedes to come an get him.

If I was Valtieri Bottas I'd be feeling rather insecure in that second Mercedes seat right now.