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Apple Is Wrong To Ignore The iPad Mini

Apple updated its iPad Pro range last week and previously introduced a new iPad to form the entry point to tablet ownership for Apple users. The only iPad not getting any love is the Mini - and I believe that Apple is making a mistake here.

Apple has a vision where the iPad replaces the PC for large numbers of users and the new Pros certainly move that vision a little closer. However in the grand scheme of things the number of users who could actually make the jump to an iPad as their only device is small.

Far more users will be making an iPad a companion device to an existing Mac or Windows PC. Apple is serving some of those users with the new iPad but missing out on an opportunity with the iPad Mini.

Within that group the iPad Mini serves a specific need for users who want a companion device for their regular portable, its as small and light as computing power gets. Were Apple to update the iPad Mini to Pro status - specifically to include Apple Pencil support  - this would amount to the ultimate companion device.

For Apple the Mini is probably a niche device and the Mini Pro even more so. However I can't help but feel Apple needs to fill these niches in order to give its customers the broadest coverage and the strongest reason to buy.

Just as the Mini prompted the last great explosion in iPad sales, I believe a Mini Pro could drive sales up once more.