Windows 10 S Makes Sense On These New Acers, HP

Forget Microsoft's Surface Laptop, that machine has no place running Windows 10 S. On the other hand, these new machines from the like of Acer and HP are exactly what schools and colleges should be looking at in an education machine.

These are cheaper versions of existing machines sporting the new, more restrictive version of Windows, which makes administration and management of a fleet of laptop significantly easier for schools. 

Being cheap doesn't mean they are short on capability though, each features a touchscreen and stylus, a fliparound display and some decent specs for their entry-level prices.

Compared to current education favourite Chromebooks and even iPads these machines look like a winning proposition: all the benefits of Store based installs and easy provisioning, none of the limitations not having a real PC entails.

However, and it seems these days there's always a however, Microsoft needs to take a bigger stick to its Store to ensure the trash apps which hide away in the darker recesses of the service are flushed away. If Microsoft is offering this solution as a safe and secure option for schoolkids it needs to ensure it is both secure and safe. It also needs to persuade third-parties to start converting their apps for delivery via the Store.

Otherwise these machines look like the real deal. Office 365 access is an education freebie, with plenty of OneDrive storage. Either of these machines makes for a better education offering than a Chromebook or iPad, which will undoubtedly lead to more and more OEMs jumping on the Windows 10 S bandwagon.


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