Windows 10 Mobile Finally Died For Me

Yes, I know Windows 10 Mobile has been a dead man walking for nearly two years, and I know that I have been declaring it so for about the same period of time. However, there's just something about the way Windows 10 Mobile works which tempts me back in every now and again.

I'll drop my second SIM card into my Lumia 950 and enjoy the performance and fluid operation that just seems to be beyond Android; and the slick Live Tiles interface that makes Android look a mess and dates iOS horribly. Then the reality of a dying platform will hit me and I'll consign it to the drawer until the next time.

The difference is there won't be a next time, this time. The one app that I absolutely can't live without has gone out of support and has been removed from the Windows Store. It's also terribly broken in its current state. That app is Overdrive Media Library, part of a service used around the world to borrow electronic copies of books from 'real' libraries.

I use it to feed my voracious appetite for reading. It is the one app that I can neither work around nor deal with its absence.

Overdrive's website promises a new reading solution for Windows 10 Mobile very soon, but even if it arrives I think it will get little usage, as the last remaining die-hards are forced to abandon their preferred mobile platform.

At least the iOS and Android versions of the app are infinitely more reliable, even if they don't work as well.


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