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Windows 10 ARM Will Support x86 Apps, Runs Astonishingly Well

As part of Build 2017 Microsoft has released new information on the forthcoming Windows 10 ARM version, which is expected to start shipping on new devices later this year. Included is the above video, which contains plenty of unimportant (to an end user anyway) details around emulated processes and abstraction layers.

What it also does is give us our first real look at Windows running on a SnapDragon 835, and whilst these sorts of videos have to be taken with a grain of salt, the performance of Windows on the mobile chip looks to be exceptional.

Further good news comes in the ability to run Windows apps designed for Intel x86, without conversion or having to wait for a Windows Store app to be delivered. If you can install it in Windows today you'll be able to do exactly the same under Windows 10 ARM, with all the emulation handled by Windows. UWP apps installed from the store run natively on the ARM processor - with even more impressive performance - as long as the developer has published them for ARM.

With ARM processors offering Windows OEMs new opportunities in connectivity, power management and portability it seems likely that software developers will want to support what is expected to be popular new hardware

Ironically, the drive to build ARM apps for these new devices could produce the sort of boost to Windows Mobile and Continuum which would have saved the platform, had it happened eighteen months ago.