Why Apple Had To Deliver iTunes As A Windows Store App

One of the two key apps I identified as being affected by the delivery of Windows 10 S will be coming to the Windows Store - validating Microsoft's decision to lock down its new Windows SKU for consumers and students.

Apple will be releasing iTunes for Windows Store because it can't afford to let a large proportion of Windows 10 buyers think that they have no path for connecting iOS devices to their new computers. If the sales of the iPhone were impacted by the inability to connect to Windows, Apple would find itself in a very bad position indeed.

You may think connecting your phone to a PC is something you would never do and so couldn't actually care less about putting iTunes on your computer anyway. After all who syncs their phone with their PC in the cloud age?

However, despite what some people will tell you, Apple has a less than perfect record with iOS updates, leading to locked or bricked devices, in varying numbers, after a new version of iOS is shipped. The solution? Connect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes and you're usually good to go.

Now imagine a scenario where the 100 million new PC buyers this year - many of whom will be likely to be getting Windows 10 S - are unable to restore their bricked iOS device because iTunes isn't in the Windows Store.

Wouldn't be the sort of customer care Apple is expected to deliver.

So iTunes in the Windows Store tells us two things: Apple expects Windows 10 S to be a success and maintaining its customer's experience remains sufficiently important to Apple that it is prepared to swallow its pride and support a new Microsoft platform.

Now, I wonder if Apple will also see this as an opportunity to make a play for the desktop music streaming space and redevelop iTunes for Windows to be a Groove / Spotify competitor?


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