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Time To Say Goodbye To The iPad Mini?

Amongst the rumors of new hardware for Apple's WWDC conference next week is one suggesting one piece of hardware that will be exiting Apple's catalogue shortly, the iPad Mini.

The Mini has been blamed for the fall off in iPad sales over the last three years. The story being that the iPhone Plus has cannabilised its market. 

That may be so, however the Mini is still responsible for a sizeable chunk of iPad sales and given that the only possible selling point is its size, killing the iPad Mini potentially costs Apple sales it can ill-afford to lose.

As long as the smaller iPad remains profitable I see no reason for Apple to kill it. 

However it seems natural to trim the range  available, maybe to a single memory size in either WiFi or LTE versions.

Whether that will be as part of an upgrade to bring the Mini in line with performance of other iPads like, or just a rationalization on current hardware remains to be seen.

Either way, I can't help feeling the Mini will escape the axe for a little while longer.