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The iPhone SE Really Satisfies

Which smartphone sits on top of the pile for customer satisfaction? Somewhat surprisingly it's the iPhone SE. Apple's most entry level phone, with design language which stretches back to the iPhone 4, outdoes them all.

That's the take of an American consumer group called the ACSI, who surveyed more then 36,000 smartphone owners to get their results.

I've been saying for a while now that the SE represents the best of the iPhone range. It's a much nicer device to hold in the hand than other iPhones. It represents astonishing value too. Here in NZ the 32GB SE sells for less than half the price of the entry level iPhone 7, yet performs just as well.

In fact it's probably fair to say that the SE is really the smartphone distilled down to its purest form. Everything you need is there. Nothing extraneous.

This is the reason why customer satisfaction is so high. The SE is priced like mid range Android phone and supported like any other iPhone. In this price bracket that's unheard of.

Yes, the screen is smaller than we've become used to, but that means it's easier to hold and performs better too. It's a trade off that's easy make.

Value is a part of the smartphone experience which directly affects how satisfied a customer is with their smartphone. It's hard to imagine anyone being truly satisfied with the oh so expensive iPhone 7 (or similarly priced Android phones).

With the SE that's pretty much a given.