Surface Pro Instant On Throws Down Gauntlet To Apple For iPad Refresh

One of the less heralded, but incredibly important updates Microsoft made to the Surface Pro yesterday was creating an instant on capability. It's one area where Windows 10 has obviously lagged behind the iPad. That short delay before a Windows tablet resumes from hibernation is enough to have anybody reaching for their iPad to do something where speed is a factor.

Together with the improved battery life of the new Surface Pro, Microsoft has really laid a challenge down to Apple. The Surface Pro was always a better computer than the iPad. Now its a better tablet than the iPad too.

Which puts Apple into an interesting positon. If the rumoured iPad Pro device at WWDC next month is to be anything more than a disappointment it needs to come out of its corner swinging. It doesn't need to make the journey between tablet and hybrid computer in one jump, but it does need to make a least the first step.

The new Surface Pro is more expensive than the iPad. Which tells me that every sale made is someone rejecting the iPad manifesto, and choosing a device which delivers more than an iPad and more than a Mac, all in the one device.

It is about Apple losing premium sales in a sector it used to call its own.


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