Surface Laptop, Ports And The Microsoft - Apple Media Relationship

Something very interesting happened when Microsoft released the Surface Laptop last week, it managed to almost completely avoid criticism of a design choice for which Apple has recently received a major pounding.

The Surface Laptop has just one standard USB port. Yet in the wide coverage the product has received there has been little comment on this decision. Compare this to recent Apple launches of the MacBook and MacBook Pro, where USB port number and configuration has been a major issue.

Yes, Microsoft does include the laptop standard Mini DisplayPort video out port, but in all respects the Laptop is no more portable than the Surface tablet from which it grew.

Why has the media given Microsoft a pass on this - especially when it so recently lashed out at Apple for the same thing? It's a complete reversal of the historical position, where Microsoft has been torn apart for things Apple has been given a free pass on.

Microsoft has been a roll recently, products which have been well received and popular, at least for Microsoft, whilst Apple has been guilty of some questionable decision and business decisions. Seems to be working in Microsoft's favour for the moment.


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