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Sometimes I Don't Think Sony Knows Whether It's Coming Or Going

If I were to ask you to sum up Sony's recent smartphone efforts I'm sure your answer would contain the phrases 'confused', 'lacking direction' and 'too many changes'.

Having promised to rationalise its range and slow down the rate of new device releases in order to seek out profitability, Sony promptly did the complete opposite. It added a whole new tier of devices, new model names and maintained its breakneck release schedule. The new Xperia X and X Compact weren't particularly well received, in fact at least one Android reviewer recommended the older Z5 over the X devices.

Yes it managed to crack a profit last year, but now more than ever its Xperia division looks like a rudderless ship moving with the tides.

This week we found out that the new 'Premium Standard' device tier it introduced last year is going to be phased out this year. What was the point?

It's increasingly difficult to believe the missives released from Sony's head office in Japan when you can be certain they will be reversed within 12 months.

There are some great Xperia devices in the current Sony range and in the back catalogue, but there isn't, and hasn't ever been, any sign of a cohesive strategy.