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Satya Nadella Seems Confused About Microsoft's Phone Business

Windows Mobile fans disappointed with the path the platform has taken in the last two years may finally have some clarity on the reasons for the spectacular failure of Windows on phones: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella doesn't have a clue what's going on.

Interviewed for the Make Me Smart podcast Nadella spends some time answering questions about several topics, but host Molly throws him a curveball with a direct question - will you make phones again?

Nadella's response is 'we make phones today'. Actually Satya, I don't think you do. Your recent financial report marked less than $5m revenue from phones and your SEC filing stated you aren't planning on booking any more revenue from phones either.

You might be selling off the last dregs of the stock you did make, but today, right now, unless you have a secret factory in Asia somewhere preparing for the biggest surprise launch ever, you aren't making phones.

Nadella goes on to claim that Microsoft has focused on 'this one particular feature: Continuum'. Utter drivel once more. Exactly how far has Continuum come in the two years since its launch? Nowhere, that's how far. Samsung released the DeX with the Galaxy S8 and it comprehensively outdoes Continuum in every area. Samsung! They aren't even a platform builder.

If that's evidence of Microsoft applying focus, God help them.

Nadella even manages to demonstrate a selective view of history in his interview, claiming that 'no-one' had thought of 2-in-1 devices before Microsoft came up with the Surface. Might I remind you of the Asus Transformer, a device that arrived years before the Surface and Surface Pro. Still, let's not mere facts get in the way of a good story.

All in all a pretty disappointing performance from Microsoft's CEO.