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Rumours Of New iPad Designs Damaging Sales Today

Rumours of a completely new iPad design are starting to surface (no pun intended!) again. The bezel free, 10.5" screen iPad Pro is allegedly incoming in June, presumably with the expectation of a launch at WWDC.

Doesn't seem to be a very credible rumour, given the same sources called the last iPad introduction badly wrong. However I can't help but wonder if the continued larger than market average iPad sales decline is being driven by the continued rumours of a new, all-singing, all-dancing iPad design.

The bezel-less iPad rumours are suspect because of the way a tablet is used. The bezel is an important feature allowing the tablet to be held. Make the tablet bezels too small and the chances of dropping the device or unintended screen interaction are greatly increased. However the promise of a slate which is all screen seems to be one the market is keen to wait for.

As a result iPad sales last quarter fell twice as fast as the rest of the market combined.

So it's looking like time for Apple to front up. Whatever its next gen iPad turns out to be it does need to arrive sooner rather than later. For me the big wins aren't in a fancy new design. The iPad hardware is in a pretty good place right now. But whilst these rumours continue to circulate unchecked there is bound to be a large part of the iPad owning community holding back on an upgrade to avoid missing out on the next big thing.