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Microsoft Windows Story Remix Looks To Revamp Story Telling

Microsoft showed off Windows Story Remix at Build 2017 and I have to say it looks like a real game changer for the sort of story telling which used to be the preserve of Apple and iMovie.

There are a number of features which stand out - all demonstrated in the video above - but what ties them all together is that they move the game on for amateur and even so more professional movie making.

Add to the new capabilities Microsoft added to Windows 10 in the recent Creators Update, plus further new tools it what is now being  called the Fall Creators Update, and you can see a strategy in Microsoft's product plan: get Apple.

New hardware with a strong focus on innovative design, new controls to improve OS reliability and security and new features to capture the interest of creative types; these are all things which bring Microsoft into direct competition with Apple in the latter's 'home' market.

Right now it's also interesting that Microsoft seems to be delivering products that are better than what Apple is capable of producing.