Microsoft Surface Laptop Leaks Raise Some Questions

This image is the alleged Surface Laptop, Microsoft is expected to reveal at its Education event later today. It appears to be a fairly smart looking clamshell laptop, riffing - as so many OEMs have done in the past - on the basic design of the MacBook Air.

What it isn't is revolutionary or awe-inspiring in any way. So unless this image hides some secret sauce this is a Surface unlike any that have gone before: non-descript and without a unique selling point.

Microsoft's stated intention with its hardware offerings is to deliver the best hardware to experience Windows 10 when other OEMs fail to deliver.

So unless the Surface Laptop offers those hidden talents it can only be Microsoft's plan to differentiate on value. That wasn't a winning strategy with smartphones, it seems unlikely to be better for laptops. 

On the other hand, the arrival of a version of Windows designed for lightweight hardware and enforcing security through restrictions on installations outside of the Store, that seems like a positive move. OEMs can repurpose Chromebook hardware to run Windows 10 (S being the chosen version name, rather than Cloud, as previously rumoured) which sounds like a good strategy - except of course that this was another Windows Phone power play which fell short. 

In a few hours we'll have all the details, but for now I'm feeling the Surface Laptop is a short-lived halo product designed to draw some of the attention from Chromebooks and Google. 


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