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Microsoft Ready To Go Again In Shanghai - Another New Surface Incoming?

Looks like Microsoft isn't done with new hardware yet. After the new Surface Laptop was met with a considerable amount of acclaim, Panos Panky tweeted out about another event, in Shanghai on May 23rd.

Notice the Surface hashtag? That looks like a very large hint that Microsoft isn't done with new hardware.

Why have a second event so close to the launch of Windows 10 S and the Surface Laptop? My guess is that Microsoft didn't want to muddy the water between the new platform and an incoming professional level device.

Professional would suggest a Surface Pro 5 or a new Surface Book. Hopefully both.

It really does seem that each new Microsoft announcement is greeted with more anticipation than anything Apple does, iPhone excepted. That's an incredible turnaround in fortunes, for a company that was writing off hardware by the billion just a few years ago.