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Microsoft In The Home: Make Xbox A True Cortana Hub

Amazon, Google, perhaps even Apple shortly. Each is seeking to take control of your home by placing digital assistants in to your daily routine. Microsoft and Harman Kardon are doing the same with a 'me too' product that they may well struggle to position competitively

Microsoft already has a Cortana presence in millions of homes today and it seems somewhat strange that it hasn't taken steps to leverage this advantage.

Yes, all those Xbox One and Kinect consoles are listening for a 'Hey Cortana' command 24/7. At the moment all you can actually do at that point is ask Cortana to power your Xbox on, but it could be so much more useful. If only the Xbox had a speaker. 

What it does have though are Bluetooth and USB ports, two easy ways of giving Cortana a voice without having to power up a screen every time you issue a command.

The Xbox is the one device which my whole family happily gives verbal commands. I'm sure we aren't alone. Microsoft should find a way to make the most of that advantage before it completely disappears.