Is The Surface Pro Getting A Speed Bump This Month

Panos Panay has ruffled some feathers this week following an interview with CNET in which his comments are being presented as killing off the expected Surface Pro 5. The interview, primarily focused on the new Surface Laptop, contains questions on the Surface Pro 4 leading to the question "Does this mean there's a fifth-generation Surface Pro on the way soon?"

Unsurprisingly Panay sidesteps the question with something of a non-answer. Exactly the response I'd expect from any other industry executive. Was the interviewer (or indeed the internet) expecting Panay to respond "Why yes, as matter of fact we have a new Surface Pro 5 just a few months away from release... hey why did everyone stop buying Surface Pro 4?" 

Saying that, I'm not expecting a major revision of the Surface Pro anytime soon. It remains a close to perfect hybrid package. However my guess is that at the end of this month Microsoft will bring the SP4 up to the same specifications as the Surface Laptop. Which means new generation Intel processors and... not very much else. 

I wouldn't even expect Microsoft to rename the SP4, maybe add an 's' to the name in line with Windows 10 S. Of course that begs the questions will a revised SP4 move to the new Windows SKU and if it does will it come with the same upgrade offer as the Surface Laptop? 

A new SP5 will turn up when the time is right. 


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