iPhone Down, iPad Crashing, But Still Good News For Apple

Apple's iPhone may be its strongest product but its year on year sales volume is down for the consecutive sales volume. The falls are small enough to be dismissed as a rounding error, but the same was true of the iPad when it began its lengthy slide. 

The iPhone's sales fall off is most pronounced in China, which skews the global results somewhat. Looking at the big picture, outside China Apple is still seeing growth in iPhone sales, somewhat outperforming the rest of the smartphone market.

iPad sales aren't outperforming anything at the moment. Another massive year-on-year drop saw sales dip below 10 million. The mix of products is getting richer, but overall revenue continues to slide dramatically.

Apple saw a small bounce in Mac sales as a result of the new MacBook Pro. Whether that will sustain over forthcoming quarters remains to be seen. Revenue-wise, Mac sales proved to considerably richer for Apple - those new MacBook Pros commanding a premium and selling to higher end customers. The result was that despite selling considerably fewer Macs and iPads, the revenue total was slightly up compared to 2016.

Overall Apple's sales and profit were up, with Services and Other products responsible for almost all of the sales growth. Those two divisions now account for nearly 20% of Apple's business, with the iPhone accounting for another 65%.


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