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If You Believe The Rumours, Apple Has A Busy WWDC Planned

The Apple rumour mill has gone wild in the last few days. First we are told of the WWDC launch of a new iPad, then we hear of a new Amazon Echo Show competitor running Sirius and now we're told Apple is planning on refreshing its whole laptop lineup.

That includes the previously on death watch MacBook Air and the barely six month old MacBook Pro.

Is Apple really planning an all out hardware party for next month?

Ordinarily I'd say no, these 'leaks' are what keep analysts in gainful employment and the hit rate is never high. However this year we know Apple has a big iPhone event planned for September, with pride of place expected to be reserved for the anniversary iPhone, whatever it gets called.

With that framing it makes sense for Apple to preload all of its other hardware announcements to June, clearing the deck for the iPhone to take centre stage for the end of the year. 

Even so, I'm sceptical of an updated MBA, and even more so of an updated MBP. The former serves only to compete on price and isn't crying out for investment; whilst the latter is too new to update without damaging Apple's relationship with early adopters.

Apple doesn't always play by the rules, so nothing would surprise me at this stage.