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Has HTC Finally Found A Winning Formula?

Look past the gimmicky Edge Sense feature and take a look at the rest of its new flagship and for the first time in years it looks like HTC has built a smartphone which gets all the fundamentals right.

The U11 promises to be a flagship phone which can take the battle to Samsung and steal sales from the S8 - especially for those users concerned about the durability of that screen. The U11 looks great and promises performance and a screen to match the best on the market.

In at least one area it may even have transcended the current market leader, with its new camera recording a record DxOMark score. It's a while since HTC managed to deliver a decent camera experience on its flagship, so seeing how this performs in comparison tests will be interesting.

And if the squeeze technology works well, HTC may even have a USP.

Verdicts will have to wait until handsets actually arrive (and here in New Zealand that's not even a given) but in terms of showroom appeal, HTC may just be back in the game.

Translating that into sales remains the biggest challenge though.