Global Ransomware Attack Looks Like A Great Ad For iOS, Windows 10 S

Aside from the suffering and misery currently being caused to all affected by the Wcry ransomware, there is a second point of interest here: how this affects the positioning of operating systems in the public perception.

This makes a very good argument for Microsoft switching every new Windows PC to Windows 10 S by default, given the very strict controls over what can and can't run on the platform. If users choose to upgrade to Pro, they then do so with the understanding they are worsening security on their computers as a result.

Similarly, Apple can make a very strong argument for the security credentials of iOS. Whilst iOS is far from invulnerable from such an attack, the chance of it occurring are infinitesimally small.

Further evidence that Apple needs to make the switch from Mac OS to iOS sooner rather than later. At least current versions of Mac OS bar installs from outside of the Apple Store.

Every other platform out there is vulnerable to this sort of attack - barely a week goes by without news of a vulnerability being exposed on one platform or another. Of course the ubiquity of Windows means that when a weakness like this is exploited everybody gets to hear about it.

With somewhere around 100 million computers worldwide still running Windows XP there's a lot of opportunity out there with the skilful cyber attack craftsmen.

In a world where iOS and Windows 10 S are supreme that would not be the case.


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