Citrix Receiver (Finally) Gets Continuum Support In Windows 10 Mobile

This could have been a real game changer a couple of years ago, now it probably sits under the 'too little, too late' label. Nevertheless, the news that Citrix Receiver supports Continuum will be a welcome one for those enterprises looking to consolidate their IT estate into one device per user.

Citrix Published Desktops are a virtual PC solution which allow client devices to work as a real PC in an enterprise environment. The Receiver software, which makes this possible,is available on most platforms, including Windows 10 Mobile.

Until today that didn't include support for Continuum, which would have made a Windows Mobile phone a viable desktop replacement for many organizations. 

Biggest potential Winter from this announcement is HP, whose Elite x3 plus dock plus lap dock looks an altogether more interesting proposition for enterprise customers who run Citrix.

With Continuum support now baked into Citrix, Terminal Services and VMWare Horizons clients, a do everything Windows Mobile now covers all major desktop virtualization platforms. 

Whether that makes up for the weakness of the Windows Store for mobile remains to be seen. But right now, as a IT fleet manager I'd be seriously considering how such a solution would ease pressure on my budget going forward.

Incidentally the video above from Citrix claims to be a demo, but it isn't the greatest advert for the latest product. However, having actually tried it I can confirm that Receiver on Continuum works very well indeed.


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