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Belkin To Bridge WeMo and HomeKit

Belkin has flip-flopped on support for Apple's HomeKit over the last couple of years. First it said it had investigated support and couldn't achieve it without adding new hardware to the WeMo stack and making current devices obsolete. Then it said it was re-investigating and yesterday it confirmed it had found a way to get WeMo and HomeKit to play nicely: a router connected bridge, which it will make available later this year.

That's hardly surprising, given that other manufacturers of home automation equipment have used the same tools to get HomeKit support into their systems.

Belkin has obviously identified the lack of HomeKit support as a risk to its WeMo business, given that the current WeMo app works more than adequately on iOS. It also supports Alexa and Google Assistant.

That all means nothing to Belkin if it believes iOS device owners are going to be making HomeKit support a key factor in their buying decision. With HomeKit bringing Siri support for voice control that's not an unreasonable assumption to make.

Currently unknown is what Belkin intends to charge for the bridge. Belkin says that information will arrive when the bridge launches.