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As Safari And Edge Improve, Does Google Have A Chrome Shaped Problem Looming?

Not many years ago neither Apple nor Microsoft had a truly competitive browser. Internet Explorer was universally (and rightly) panned, whilst in the pre-Safari days Apple users didn't even have a useable browser.

Things have changed since then. Safari is by far the best browser available on the Mac. Edge is good enough for 98% of Windows users, and the best choice for many of them. If Windows 10 S proves popular then Edge becomes the only browser available to users anyway.

Stuck between the two platforms is Chrome.

Right now Chrome's share of desktop browser usage is growing, mostly at the expense of IE.

However only 20% of Windows 10 users are currently choosing to use Edge as their browser of choice. That's bound to increase as Windows 10 S starts to become more popular. In the last year Windows 10's market share has grown by more than 50%. It's likely to grow by a further 25% in the coming twelve months. If that growth is mostly from the Windows Store locked version, Chrome's market share will plummet.

Its not as if Google can rely on Mac users either - 60% of those already use Safari and that number is only likely to go up as Apple continues to provide platform integrated capabilities which Google can't replicate.

Google's future on the desktop looks interesting. If it wants to remain a big player in the browser market it may have to adopt Microsoft's rendering engine and rebuild Chrome for the app store, in much the same way it adopted Webkit for its iOS browser.