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Apple Now Making iPhones In India

Last week Apple confirmed that it had begun manufacturing the iPhone SE in India, marking a key step in its plan to continue the iPhone's domination of the smartphone market.

India is currently vying with the US for the second largest smartphone market in the world, behind China. Unlike the Chinese or US markets however, India's is growing rapidly. And not just in volume, the average selling price of smartphones in India is growing too.

Apple is a small player in the Indian market but by beginning to build locally it opens the door to a much more favourable reception from the Indian Government. Especially when it comes to things like remanufacturing and selling iPhones coming from the rest of the world.

Its the scale of the Indian smartphone market which has really driven this move though. In a country with a population approaching that of China's one quarter the number of smartphones were sold last year. However, whilst the Chinese market has stalled, India's sees significant growth - up 15% year on year in the first quarter of 2017.

The SE is perhaps my favourite iPhone and a model which I think will play well in India. It's much better value than any other iPhone on the market today, without losing any of the premium cachet which will undoubtedly drive sales.

With the Chinese sales in full scale reverse, Apple sees India as an opportunity to boost its static iPhone sales performance in the run up to the release of its anniversary iPhone later this year. 

Expect iPhones to be coming out of Bengaluru in significant numbers over the next few months,