Apple Investing In Knowledge Tools To Boost Siri

This weekend we learned that Apple had dropped $200m to acquire knowledge graph company Lattice Data, a deal which makes a lot of sense in a world where Siri is lagging behind all its major competition.

Whilst Amazon, Google and Microsoft are finding ways to better extract useful information in order to respond to queries, Siri struggles outside of some narrow constraints where its understanding of underlying data is strong. Stray too far off the path and Siri's answers deviate quicker than its rivals.

Lattice Data has been developing tools to bring a level of structure - and as a result confidence - to 'dark data'. Built on Stanford University's DeepDive the company claims to drive 'human quality' understanding from unstructured data by using the structured data it already has.

If it can deliver then Apple has just acquired a powerful data engine to power Siri back to the top of the digital assistant pile.


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