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Apple Halved iPad Sales In Just Three Years

Apple's financial results were pretty impressive, but iPad sales continued to tank, to the point where they are half of what they were for the corresponding quarter three years. Go back four years and Apple was selling nearly twice as many computers - iPads and Macs - as it is today.

In that time revenue has fallen from more than $14bn to less than $9bn. Apple has serious issues with selling computers, even it is masked in financial results by the success of the iPhone (mostly) and a handful of other products.

Tim Cook has been talking up the computer business - Apple is 'investing aggressively' in Mac and iPad sales are outperforming expectations - yet it still feels like it is being outgunned in the PC market by Microsoft, with superior design, and its Windows partners who have managed to leverage Microsoft's reference works to produce hardware which is both clever and has a great value proposition.

The premise behind the iPad and Mac co-existing is that customers will end up owning both. That doesn't seem to be playing out and the crescendo of complaints about the half-hearted MacBook Pro upgrade bears that out. The Touch Bar was a weak, novelty item, which had no place on a professional machine.

Apple has been treading water with laptop and tablet designs that are years out of date.

The solution remains, as it always has been in my opinion, the merger of Mac and iPad into one hybrid device. Whether its dominant parent is a Mac or an iPad doesn't matter. What matters is that it arrives.

Because if customers are prepared to buy Microsoft hybrids at premium prices just how many Apple hybrids do you think the market will suck up?