Windows 10 On ARM Arriving This Year, Is This Why Windows 10 Mobile Is Dying?

Qualcomm has let slip that the first devices running Windows 10 for ARM will ship later this year. The Snapdragon 835 will likely be available in sufficient numbers to allow manufacturers to start pushing Windows into a new market.

Of course there's already a version of Windows which runs on ARM. Windows 10 Mobile. Which Microsoft seems to be doing its level best to euthanize.

The timing seems suspiciously convenient. Windows 10 Mobile running out of steam just as Windows 10 for ARM comes online.

Is Microsoft about to attempt another reset of its smartphone plan? It seems unlikely that it could hope to fool customers one more time, however if the alleged Surface Phone rumours are credible and the timing of ARM-based Windows 10 is more than coincidence maybe it believes that a PC with phone capability is still a viable plan.

Personally it sounds far-fetched. Stranger things have happened though.