Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade Advisor Is Back

It's been a painful few days for Windows Phone users. First Microsoft slammed the upgrade door for future upgrades on all but a handful of users, then it removed the one official path for Windows Phone 8.1 users to get Windows 10 Mobile.

Not the cleverest thing to do, even if you have given up on the platform. Oh yes, new information on Windows Insider builds suggested the game was up and Microsoft was going to be killing development of the Mobile branch of Windows 10.

At least one of these items has been reversed – Windows Upgrade Advisor is now available again, so any Windows Phone users who haven't yet upgraded and still plan to, can once more.

Of course the bigger question is very much why is Microsoft playing such a cagey game with its customers. If it has no future plans for mobile why not just cone out and say so?

Realistically it doesn't actually matter, customers are abandoning the platform at the sort of rate which suggests they'll never return, whatever Microsoft has planned for the future.


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