Windows 10 Cloud To Debut On New Surface?

Microsoft's Spring event invites are out and offer some clues as to what will be unveiled on May 2nd. The tagline 'Learn What's Next" and the MicrosoftEDU hashtag strongly suggest an education focus for the event.

Windows Cloud has been the word on everyone's mouths in recent months, the lightweight version of Windows 10 designed to run on cheaper hardware seems a perfect fit for education users.

If Windows Cloud is to be the focus of the event it's likely there will be New hardware to show it off in the best light. A new Surface? Maybe, but no more likely than a new device from one of Microsoft's partners - Acer or HP seem likely candidates.

A new Surface would be a bonus though, because for all the good work Microsoft's partners do in bringing choice and flexibility to the PC market, it is Microsoft which is seen as the natural leader of design for Windows hardware.

A new Surface focused on lightweight hardware and sporting a desktop OS optimised for that hardware could further damage the credibility of the 'iPad as a computer' campaign Apple is running and cement Microsoft's newly won position as innovation leader in the computer market.


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