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Why The iPad Matters So Much To Apple

Last year the PC market saw a decline of 6%, with a total of 270m devices shipped. The tablet market saw a similar 6% decline, with sales totaling 160m devices. In amongst those two numbers were an unspecified number of hybrid and 2 in 1 devices, which saw sales growth - but not enough to lift either tablet or PC sales out of depression.

Apple's sales figures for the year are interesting. 45 million iPads and 18 million Macs. Those 63 million devices account for roughly 15% of the overall market.

With Macs accounting for just 7% of the PC market, and with Apple struggling to compete with the choice and flexibility offered by PC manufacturers its easy to see why Apple is so keen to paint the iPad as a computer. If customers choose an iPad over a PC the odds are stacked twenty to one in Apple's favour that it will be an additional sale rather than a replacement one.

So expect to see Apple do a more thorough job of updating its iPad range later this year, whilst also doubling down on its already extensive iPad advertising campaign.