What Is Going On At Nintendo?

Remember when Nintendo ruled the gaming industry? Seems a long time ago, right? Even with the surprising success of the 3DS, it's hard to place Nintendo has a giant of the games industry today.

The smartphone has killed its mobile game systems - even the Switch faces an uphill struggle despite all that Nintendo has done to try and place it into a different market segment.

Pokémon Go has been a success of sorts, although its not an actual Nintendo product.

The re-released NES Classic is a Nintendo product and it has been a phenomenal success. Retailers can't keep it in stock. 

Nintendo's response? Discontinue it. Seriously, stop selling the one product that's provided the market what it wants. 

Someone at the helm of Nintendo is having a laugh.

Either Nintendo underpriced the NES and it was losing money hand over fist. Or it really doesn't have a clue what it is doing.

Neither reason suggest a great long-term outlook for Nintendo.


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