Skip to main content Sold Your Data, Stores Your Email, Remove Access Now offered a service to scan your email for unsubscribe links to make it easier for you to leave those annoying mailing lists that end up filling your inbox.

Turns out that what it really offered was the chance for to take a deep dive into your email and grab information which, when aggregated with others, it could sell to some very interested parties.

That in itself isn't a great story. Claims that the company also copies and stores users emails, in allegedly insecure locations no less, now that's an even bigger concern.

If you're signed up with the service then you should be aware that every email you've ever sent could be out on the web and available to anybody. That should scare you.

So things to do right now: remove's access rights to your inbox (here's a link to do that for Gmail users) and scan your inbox to anything containing passwords or account numbers and assess the risk relating to those becoming publically available.

And never give anybody access to your email ever again.