Uber Involved in More Dubious Activity

If Uber's year hadn't been going badly enough already then news that it nearly got booted from the App Store for violations of Apple's terms and conditions just puts the icing on the cake.

The accusation comes from a NYT profile of CEO Travis Kalanick who reportedly received a personal dressing down from Tim Cook after Uber's iPhone app was found to be extracting serial numbers from iPhones to enable tracking.

Each passing week brings more evidence of shady goings on involving Uber. Doesn't seem to be harming its reputation with customers though. Only this weekend I enjoyed an evening in the company of a number of business owners who found Uber's willingness to play 'dirty' made them even more attractive. Go figure. 

Incidentally it was the same article that broke the news of Unroll.me's unsavoury behavior. Not a bad day's work for the NYT.