Tesla Slips Retrofit Solar Panels Into Product Line-up

Last year Tesla unveiled solar panels integrated into roof tiles to create a virtually invisible solar power plant for new builds. What if you're not in the process of building a new home and don't fancy ripping the roof off your old one?

Now Tesla has a solution there too, with some low profile panels design to be retrofitted to existing roofs.

The absence of visible mounting hardware and a finisher for the visible edge of the panels tidies the look of the installation up no end. Integration with Tesla's Powerwall battery is seamless (would we expect anything less) and production is expected to enable deliveries in the second half of this year.

Of course there are plenty of questions unanswered. How's the cost in relation to other solar panel solutions? And what's the efficiency of the panels? 

Perhaps the biggest concern has to be whether Tesla's mounting hardware is going to work on every roof type, or will it just suit certain designs for certain territories.

Microgeneration is a key part of weaning the world off Big Oil whilst also putting some of the power back in the hands of the end user.

Unanswered questions aside, Tesla continues to bring New and Improved to the table with each product reveal. There are many companies out there who can achieve this and none who have Tesla's current track record.


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