Samsung's S8 Two Piece Cover Is Bizarre, But In A Good Way

Samsung's new S8 is impressively well designed, looks and feels premium and manages to put itself into pole position at the head of the smartphone pack.

Samsung's Two Piece cover for the S8 is a rather more eccentric piece of design.

Now there has been some pretty strong invective directed at Samsung for this case design, which to my eyes looks all kinds of wrong. That rather misses the point of the case though. Samsung has a whole range of cases for the S8, including some really quite brilliant playthrough cases, as well as more traditional covers.

The Two Piece cover is aimed at a very different market - probably young and certainly concerned with everything to do with their looks. With that target market in mind this case actually looks pretty good.

So good on Samsung for doing something different and aimed at a different group of users. It would be a sad, sad world if everyone liked the same things. The two-piece case may have a small market, but it's a market that deserves to be served.

Definitely not for me though...


sadvika reddy said…
Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge flagship devices were two of the best Android mobiles of 2016. The new S8 handsets build on the solid foundations of the S7 pair, with an even more gorgeous and impressively slender form factor - despite boasting much larger displays. Everything else has been tweaked too, from the internal specs to the 12-megapixel rear camera. Samsung is now out to prove that it's still a mobile heavyweight after the Note 7 disaster. Which means that the Galaxy S8 really does stand out from the crowd with its seriously impressive near bezel-less design work.

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