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Samsung Hammered For Tizen Security Flaws

Samsung's smart device OS, Tizen, which powers a range of IoT, TV, phone and smartwear products has been handed an absolute spanking by security researcher Amihai Neiderman. 

Reported in Motherboard magazine Neiderman calls Tizen the worst code he has ever seen, demonstrating a lack of basic understanding of security concepts and riddled with the sort of schoolboy errors that mark out a lack of experience in the coding team.

The errors are in newer parts of the Tizen code and do not stem from the Intel legacy code or Badawi, Tizen's direct ancestors. Neiderman was able to identify 40 zero day vulnerabilities in his testing.

A better case for Samsung sticking with Android across its range of electronics I cannot make. The failure of Samsung (and others) to understand the complexities of software aren't new nor are they easily fixed. Handing off platform development to a third party with specialist knowledge is just basic common sense. 

Samsung just got over the Note 7 debacle with its S8, the last thing it needed was more bad press.