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New Zealand All In On Contactless Payments

New Zealand takes an important step along the road to making smartphone payments the standard for all transactions tomorrow, when all EFTPOS machines in the country will be enabled for contactless payments. The news was related by SmartPay chief Bradley Gerdis, speaking to Spark's new site.

The biggest frustration with smartphone payments, thus far anyway, is the number of machines which don't support contactless payments. That changes tomorrow, but only if retailers get onboard. Each has the option to disable the NFC based payment method if it isn't deemed of value to the business.

Now that we know all terminals can take the payment method it is up to us customers to make sure that they do. That's probably best done by cancelling a transaction if the point of sale terminal doesn't take your smartphone payment.

It looks like Kiwis are only a short step away from leaving their cards at home and using the much more secure smartphone payment solution. It just takes a little nudging of retailers across the line.